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Need to integrate technology but not sure where to start? check out the projects on the left. If you see something you like, click it to see the project and the standards that project meets. The technology standards are listed first because these projects were designed to help you integrate.

We joined together to collect and share student projects that were created in several different curricular areas and show which standards and objectives were met in the creation of those projects.

Please feel free to view, use, assign, and share these projects to help you meet your Technology Standards and Objectives.

Montana Technology Standards

Content Standard 1: Students use digital tools and resources for problem solving and decision making.

Content Standard 2: Students collaborate and communicate globally in a digital environment.

Content Standard 3: Students apply digital tools and skills with creativity and innovation to express his/herself, construct knowledge and develop products and processes.

Content Standard 4: Students possess a functional understanding of technology concepts and operations.

National Education Technology Student Standards - NETS

1. Basic operations and concepts

2. Social, Ethical, and Human Issues

3. Productivity Tools

4. Communications Tools

5. Research Tools

6. Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools